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Something Different

2010_winnerSomething Different, the award-winning monthly e-newsletter published by Amanda Ellis, covers topics on career development, including how lawyers can incorporate social networking in their job searches or business development.  Sign up here to receive Something Different. Past issues include:

Legal Ties to London (Summer 2012)

The Future of Work (Spring 2012)

Lawyer Becomes Student & Changes Career Path (Fall 2011)

Google+ in Legal Recruiting (July 2011)

Leaving Big Law (June 2011)

Career Clips (May 2011)

Hiring Through Alumni Networks (April 2011)

Lateral Hiring Post-Recession (March 2011)

Return on Involvement – Choosing Your Non-Billable Activities (February 2011)

Typography Trends to Abandon in 2011 (January 2011)

Gift Guide for Career Gains (December 2010)

Law Student Meets GC on Twitter (November 2010)

Interview Questions to Measure Emotional Intelligence, Client Service (October 2010)

New Associate Toolbox (September 2010)

Interview Prep 2.0 (August 2010)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Publishing Articles (July 2010)

Let’s Chat About Jobs (June 2010)

NALP, ABI, ABA, ALA Conference Tweets (May 2010)

Brevity is Bliss to Clients, Employers (April 2010)

SXSWi: Lawyers’ Creative Spring Break (March 2010)

BigLaw Associate Expiration Dates & Lessons from the NFL (February 2010)

Privacy Settings for Lawyers’ Facebook Pictures (January 2010)

Crossover Careers:  Lessons for Lawyers from Darious Rucker (December 2009)

All the Thankful Law Firms (November 2009)

Holiday Card List Disorder & 6 New Cures (October 2009)

Attorneys Finding Jobs on Twitter (September 2009)

Lessons for Lawyers from Mary Kay Beauty Consultants (August 2009)

Law Firm Facebook Disasters & How to Prevent Them (July 2009)

Mid-Year Updates (June 2009)

GCs, Managing Partners Talk Change at NALSC 2009 (May 2009)

Job Search Numbers Game (April 2009)

New Resources for Laid-off Lawyers (March 2009)

New Brand of Law Firms (February 2009)

A Taste of Twitter (January 2009)