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About the Book

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The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs, a new book by legal recruiter Amanda Ellis, is the first book of its kind—the first book that teaches lawyers and law students how to get hired through relationships they develop and cultivate on the three most popular social networking sites–Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (collectively, the “Big 3″).

Many job seekers maintain a presence on the Big 3 sites.  But, a mere presence is not sufficient to get hired—it’s only one element.  To get hired, job-seeking lawyers and law students incorporate the following six elements (the “6Ps”) into their job search campaigns:

1.   Professionalism book stack

2.   Profile

3.   Privacy

4.   Performance

5.   Practice

6.   Protocol

The 6Ps of the BIG 3™ for Job-Seeking JDs teaches law students and lawyers how to incorporate the 6Ps, outlines over 60 ways to use the Big 3 sites to get hired, and addresses, among others, the following issues:

•   Why not to accept recommendations on LinkedIn
•   How to tell if an employer or recruiter viewed your LinkedIn profile
•   Why to include a profile picture
•   How employed lawyers can use the Big 3 sites passively
•   How to connect with legal professionals through Twitter chats
•   Where to look for job-related updates by recruiters and employers
•   How to use to identify professional contacts on Facebook
•   How to measure your activity and success on the Big 3 sites
•   How to add contacts to your network before you need them
•   Is it appropriate to send LinkedIn invitations to interviewers
•   How to create your professional brand with the content you share

Book Details

Softcover:  341 pages

Publisher:  Something Different Publishing, Inc.

Dimensions:  6 x 9 inches

Retail Price:  $27.95.  For pricing on bulk orders (24 books or more), contact Amanda Ellis – or 214.361.0070.

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    1. Chapter 5 outlines 23 ways you can use Facebook in your job search after you connect with friends.
    2. Chapter 6 outlines 17 ways you can use LinkedIn in your job search after you connect with contacts.
    3. Chapter 7 outlines 22 ways you can use Twitter in your job search after you connect with followers.