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FaceWash Scrubs Naughty Words From Your Facebook Profile

A new app, FaceWash, scans comments on users’ Facebook posts, pictures, likes, as well as posts and pictures in which users are tagged.  The app highlights posts with certain naughty words, including profanities as well as words like “sexy,” “butt,” and “xxx,” as shown below.

Users can then click a link and delete the post if they wish.    Users can also enter words they want to the app to search.  For example, maybe you’ve vented about your job or certain co-workers on Facebook.  You could enter your company’s name or colleague’s name to see if you’ve mentioned them in a negative manner.

Final note – I tried the app earlier this week and it eventually timed out.  However, I had no problems on my second attempt (and the app identified the picture above).  I recommend that all job seekers and professionals use the app to scan their Facebook profiles–it can’t hurt!

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  1. Michelle Humbach

    As an Independent Education Consultant, I always caution my high students to be very careful with social media and the pictures and comments they post or are tagged in. Thank you so much for sharing this app. I’ll be sharing it as well!

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