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Law Firms Using Social Media for Recruiting

Inspired by Sarah Halzack’s (@sarahhalzack) article “For Non-profit NPR, Social Media is a ‘Great Equalizer’ When it Comes to Hiring,” Kevin O’Keefe (@kevinokeefe) recently posted “Are Law Firms Using Social Media for Recruiting?”  Kevin tweeted his post last night, and I wanted to respond but needed more than 140 characters.  Here are my thoughts on which firms have taken steps toward using social media for recruiting and what firms need to do to succeed at using social media for recruiting.

I’m not aware of a law firm that has had as much success as NPR.  However, the following firms have taken significant steps suggesting that they are committed to incorporating social media in their recruiting strategies:

  1. Cooley’s Recruiting Twitter Account. Last summer, Cooley launched a dedicated recruiting Twitter account, @CooleyCareers, and shares information about job postings, law school recruiting initiatives, and associate outings.
  2. DLA Piper’s Summer Associate Blog. Last summer, DLA Piper launched DLA Piper Summer 2012, a blog focusing on its 2012 Summer Associates.  Select Summer Associates posted about their experience working at DLA.
  3. WilmerHale’s Careers Facebook Account. WilmerHale has Facebook page dedicated to its recruiting department, WilmerHale Careers, but hasn’t posted since May 2011.
  4. WilmerHale’s Summer Associate & Associate Blogs.  WilmerHale also maintains two blogs–one for its Summer Associates and one for Associates.  Select Summer Associates and Associates post about their experiences as a Summer Associate or Associate at WilmerHale.
  5. Waller. Waller maintains a blog devoted to young lawyers, Young Lawyers Blog, and a corresponding Twitter account, @wlansden.

I’m sure other firms have taken steps toward incorporating social media in their recruiting strategies, but the above firms are the ones that caught my attention in 2012.

There is definitely room for improvement.  Law firms using social media for recruiting need to humanize their accounts and engage with potential new hires. I recommend that law firms look outside the legal industry for ideas on how to use social media as a recruiting tool.  For example:

  1. Twitter. In order to see success, firms need individuals engaging with law students and associates on Twitter.  Look at @RecruiterStacy for ESPN.  She has over 20,000 followers and consistently engages with potential new hires.
  2. Facebook. Create a business page for the law firm recruiter so he or she can engage with potential new hires.  Or, maintain a separate Facebook business page dedicated to the firm’s recruiting department, such as PwC’s Careers Page.
  3. YouTube. Create a YouTube channel for the recruiting department so potential new hires can hear from associates or others working at the firm.  PwC is an excellent example of a company using YouTube for recruiting.
  4. Blogs. I’m sure @kevinokeefe has some thoughts for this category!  I recommend updating the blog on a regular basis and having a Twitter and/or Facebook account (either the individual recruiter’s account, the recruiting department’s account, or an account tied to the blog) to share posts and promote the blog.

What are your thoughts?  What other firms are using social media for recruiting?  Success stories?

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