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Evaluate LinkedIn Groups with Statistics Dashboards

LinkedIn added a statistics dashboard to each LinkedIn group in November 2011.  The dashboards show the demographics, growth and activity of a group.  Since you can only join 50 groups, job seekers should evaluate the statistics dashboard for a group to determine if a group is worth joining.  Specifically, job seekers should evaluate the following:

  1. Seniority. Is the group comprised of partners or senior level attorneys who are likely the decision makers with respect to hiring decisions?  Or, is the group comprised of entry-level associates?
  2. Jobs. How many jobs were recently posted in the group?
  3. Comments. How many comments were left in the past week?  A group with low comments is probably not very interactive.
  4. Location. If you are looking for a job in Dallas and 90% of the attorneys in a group are in New York, you may want to consider how effective that group will be in your job search.

To access the statistics dashboard, go to the home page for the group you are contemplating joining.  The dashboard is on the far right side of the page, below the “About this Group” section as shown below.

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