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21 Day LinkedIn Challenge for Job Seekers

Once or twice a week, I take a Core Fusion class at Exhale Spa.  During one of the classes last weekend, the instructor introduced a new “21 Day Slim Down Challenge” — take 21 classes in 21 days between December 1-21.  I began to think about how this concept could apply to other aspects in life, such as job searching.

You’ve probably heard that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so, in theory, taking a core class for 21 consecutive days means a person will subsequently continue the classes several times a week.  Note that Exhale introduced the challenge at the end of the year, before most people launch their New Year’s resolutions.  Forming a new habit in December 2011 gives people an advantage over those who wait until January 2012.  Presumably, you’ll have a new exercise routine in place by January 2012 and can focus on a different resolution in January.

Since most people wait until January to commence a job search, job seekers can gain a similar advantage by focusing on their job search in December.   If you aren’t using LinkedIn in your job search, I challenge you to focus on LinkedIn for 21 days.  Like exercising, job seekers must use social networking sites consistently over a period of time in order to see results.   Consider doing one of the following LinkedIn activities daily between December 1-21.

  1. Read your LinkedIn news feed daily between December 1-21 and comment on at least one contact’s activity or update.   Bonus points if you pick up the phone and call the person with your comment!
  2. Use the Advanced People Search function to identify alumni of your college and law school who practice law in your target field or market.  Connect with one alum each day between December 1-21 and customize your LinkedIn invitation to explain why you are connecting.
  3. Use the Company Search function to identify 21 law firms in your target market.  Follow the firms, see who you know at the firms, and connect with one person at each firm.
  4. Use the Advanced People Search function to identify lawyers who practice in your target field.  Connect with one lawyer each day between December 1-21.
  5. Participate in a LinkedIn Group each day between December 1-21.  Share an article, comment on an update, or ask a question.

Finally, don’t stop using LinkedIn after the 21 day period ends.  Continue to use LinkedIn several times a week to see the benefits the site offers.

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