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Attorney Job Postings on LinkedIn

When I logged into LinkedIn today, I noticed three associate attorney job openings posted by a BigLaw firm.  The jobs section on my homepage (right side of your homepage, mid-way down) contained the following three openings:

LI job postings Ballard Spahr (3)

I always glance at the jobs section but today was the first day I remember seeing three attorney positions posted by a firm – not to mention a large firm.  Usually, the openings in this section include in-house positions and/or legal support positions.

Are more law firms posting attorney job openings on LinkedIn?  Possibly.  Should law students and lawyers review LinkedIn’s job postings?  Absolutely.  Job postings on LinkedIn offer more information than postings on traditional job boards, including the following:

  1. HR Contact. Some job postings on LinkedIn identify the firm’s recruiting or human resources contact who posted the position, including a link to the person’s LinkedIn profile and the degree of connectivity.  In the example below, someone named Robin, a 3rd degree connection, posted the position.   LI Job posting Boston entrep firm ED If I wanted more information or even an introduction to Robin, I could go through our mutual contacts to obtain information or seek an introduction.
  2. Apply Now. LinkedIn allows you to apply for job openings directly from the LinkedIn site by clicking the Apply Now link.  The advantage here is that the hiring contact will likely review your LinkedIn profile (in addition to your resume and cover letter which you may upload in the application process).  LI Apply Now Job seekers can share details on their LinkedIn profiles that they wouldn’t include on their resumes and, therefore, differentiate themselves from other candidates.  Applying for a job through LinkedIn’s Apply Now feature increases your chance that the HR contact will review your LinkedIn profile and read any of the additional details you included.
  3. Firm Contacts. Referral resumes are usually reviewed before all other resumes; referral resumes are simply resumes handed to the HR or recruiting contact by a current employee of the firm.  LinkedIn identifies current firm employees that you know either directly (your 1st degree connections) or indirectly (your 2nd and 3rd degree connections).   For the job posting below, you’ll see that I have 22 contacts at the firm. LI Ballard Spahr ED If I were interested in the above job posting, I would approach one of my contacts to see if they would be willing to deliver or refer my resume to the recruiting department.
  4. Exclusivity. Some firms bypass traditional job boards and post jobs only on LinkedIn.  LinkedIn denotes the exclusive listings with a blue asterisk, as follows: LI job posting bk atty LI exclusive ED I would pay particular attention to these listings since they are only posted on the LinkedIn site.  Moreover, you may have a competitive advantage if few lawyers check the job postings on LinkedIn.
  5. Pay it Forward. LinkedIn identifies your contacts who either might be interested in the position or know someone who might be interested. LI Forward Job ED If you conclude that you are not interested the position, why not forward the position to one of your contacts suggested by LinkedIn?  You have nothing to lose and the opportunity to reconnect with one of your contacts.  Moreover, perhaps your contact will reciprocate and forward opportunities to you in the future.

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